Getting Productive with Cassandra

Cassandra, one of the most popular open source NoSQL family database. The 2 day Cassandra course is aimed at developers who are entering into big data world and want to learn and solve big data problems. The purpose of this training is an equal dose of theory and practical examples to deep dive into the big data world.

The course has a practical focus, mixing presentation with in depth hands on labs and exercises.

Day 1

Big data introduction.
RDBMS to NoSQL transition.
Cassandra cluster setup and installation.
Understanding storage architecture.
Understanding CQL and Thrift protocol.
Cassandra data modeling.
Understanding indexes.
Composite keys.
High level client APIs.
Building Scala/Java application using Cassandra.

Day 2

Introduction to Hadoop MapReduce.
Cassandra MapReduce integration.
Hive + Cassandra.
Pig + Cassandra.
Sample Scala/Java application.
Cassandra monitoring tools.
Cassandra Bulk loading.
Authentication and Authorization.

Course Prerequisites

To benefit from this course you should have 1-2 years experience with an object-oriented (eg. Java, Scala) programming language and a good general understanding of RDBMS.

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