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Getting Productive with Akka

The 2 day Akka course is aimed at developers who would need to start building powerful concurrent applications with the Akka and Scala.

Though it covers a brief introduction to Scala, however, it is not a replacement for the "Getting Productive with Scala" course.

Upon completion of this course you learn how to apply the tools and services provided by Akka to build high performance, fault tolerant systems that scale.

The course has a practical focus, mixing presentation with in depth hands on labs and exercises. At the end of the course, participants would be able to design scalable, fault tolerant concurrent applications with actors. Design asynchronous, event driven systems. Tune Akka application and start using and deploying Akka to production systems.

Day 1

Concurrency, scalability and fault tolerance.
Understanding Actors.
Actor lifecycle.
Fault Tolerance with Actors.

Day 2

Messaging with Akka.
Understanding Dispatchers.
Understanding Routers.
Tuning an Akka system.
Monitoring and reporting.
Building secure applications with Akka.

Course Prerequisites

To benefit from this course you should have working experience with Scala. If you do not have experience with Scala, we would recommend the "Getting Productive with Scala" course first.

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