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Advanced Scala and Akka

The 3 day Advanced Scala and Akka course is aimed at developers who already have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of building applications using Akka and Scala on a single JVM and are looking to learn how to scale out to multiple nodes and 3rd party systems.

The course has a practical focus, mixing presentation with in-depth hands-on labs and exercises.

Day 1

Control constructs, Classes and case classes.
Traits, Objects, Functions
Pattern Matching
Recursion / Tail Recursion
Partial functions.
Higher order functions.
Partially applied functions.
Custom value classes.
Type Parameters.
Type members.
Implicit conversions.
Implicit classes.
Pimp my library.
Class tags.

Day 2

Internal DSL.
Control abstractions.
Like traits.
Fault Tolerance, concurrency, scalability.
Actors, lifecycle.
Routers and Dispatchers.

Day 3

Akka Remoting.
Akka Cluster.
Cluster Aware Routers.
Cluster Singleton.
Cluster Sharding.
Akka Persistence.

Course Prerequisites

To benefit from this Advanced Scala and Akka course, you'll need to have have at least 3 months programming experience with Scala and Akka prior to attending this course. To fully understand the various advanced features covered in this course, you'll need to feel comfortable to Scala and Akka in your applications, before attending.

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