Getting Productive with Advanced Scala

The 2-day Advanced Scala course is aimed at developers who have been using Scala for at least six months. They understand Scala syntax and language constructs. Its distinctive object-oriented characteristics and on to functional programming styles and pattern matching as applied to Scala's extensive collections framework.

This course takes a step further. It is designed to help developers fully understand topics such as advanced object-functional programming, the power of Scala's type system, implicits, etc. The course also covers how to leverage these features to create well-designed libraries or DSL's utilizing proven best practices.

The course has a practical focus, mixing presentation with in-depth hands-on labs and exercises.

Day 1

Recursion / Tail Recursion.
Partial functions.
Higher-order functions.
Partially applied functions.
Custom value classes.
Type Parameters.
Type members.
Scala actors.
Linking actors.
Designing with actors.

Day 2

Implicit conversions.
Implicit classes.
Pimp my library.
Class tags.
Internal DSL.
Control abstractions.
Like traits.

Course Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of Scala as covered in the "Get Productive with Scala" course with at least two months practical experience in developing with Scala. Students should bring their own laptop with Java 6 or higher installed.

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