How recommendation systems drive business success in Retail?

All of us have come across an eCommerce website recommending promotional offers or products based on what we have purchased or searched for. This becomes possible because of the recommendation systems that have to make thousands of decisions every second.

Whether personalized or non-personalized, recommendation systems have been proven to drive conversions and maximize ROI. Data scientists who want to know how to build these recommendation systems for their companies must attend this webinar

Here's the agenda of the webinar -

  • Machine learning in the retail industry
  • Top 10 use cases of machine learning in retail
  • What are recommendation engines?
  • How does a recommendation engine work?
  • A case study demonstrating the building of a recommendation engine based on a data set
  • Evaluation metrics for recommendation engines

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    Presenters -


    Shubham Goyal

    Software Consultant at Knoldus Inc.

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