Anticipating Customer Behavior with ML

In retail, growing your sales might be one of your biggest pain points. After all, it's not possible to read your customers' minds and figure out what they would like to purchase.

But what if you can anticipate your customers' requirements even before they do? Machine Learning has made it possible to identify hidden patterns in customer buying behavior so that retailers can come up with creative advertising and marketing techniques for a direct impact on sales.

Our next webinar will help you understand how Machine Learning algorithms can help you make data-driven, relevant marketing decisions to increase your sales.

The agenda of the webinar will be as follows -

  • Introduction to Machine learning in the Retail sector
  • What is Market Basket Analysis along with its use cases?
  • What is Customer Segmentation along with its use cases?
  • A live demo based on Association Rule Mining

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Presenters -


Shubham Goyal

Software Consultant at Knoldus Inc.

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