How AI & IoT are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry

Industry 4.0: How AI & IoT are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry

IoT applications in manufacturing have the potential to furnish about $3.7 trillion of economic value/year by 2025. Currently, the Internet of Things is making its maximum impact on the manufacturing sector for its digital transformation.

In this webinar, our experts in Machine Learning are going to talk about how a combination of IoT and Machine Learning is transforming businesses with their use cases in the manufacturing sector.

This webinar will throw light on

  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning is transforming the manufacturing industry?
  • Robots and their alternatives in manufacturing
  • Introduction to the Internet of Things
  • Feasibility and cost of IoT in manufacturing
  • Which IoT devices are currently ruling the industry?
  • Case study of IoT and Machine Learning

Presenters -


Pranjut Gogoi

Lead Software Consultant at Knoldus Inc.


Bhavya Aggarwal

CTO at Knoldus Inc.

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