Identifying Customer Segments using Machine Learning

Retail businesses keep personalized marketing as a key strategy to target their customers with marketing campaigns. But before you can personalize your messaging, you need to know your customers and segment them according to their persona so that you can formulate common marketing strategies for each segment.

But customer segmentation has several challenges -

  • Segments have become broad as data points have expanded. Basic factors like demographic data are no longer sufficient as companies look for additional segmentation criteria throughout the customer journey to target better.
  • Customer segments need to be updated with changing conditions and there’s a constant need to re-allocate them to different segments. For instance, a customer who has applied for a mortgage will not be interested in another one in a long time.
  • You have to take moment marketing into account, which means your marketing strategy has to be dynamic for members of each segment to react within a moment.

Machine learning goes a long way in solving these problems of customer segmentation as companies can utilize data points to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, interests, and preferences.

In this webinar, our ML expert will help you with customer segmentation techniques with Machine Learning algorithms so that you can discover valuable segments to maximize the return on your investments.

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Presenters -


Shubham Goyal

Software Consultant at Knoldus Inc.

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