Power your digital transformation with Knoldus Digital Platform

Enable operational excellence with a cohesive digital strategy

Digital ecosystem promise to transform industrial operations with innovations in productivity and efficiency. Yet only a few organization (only 13%*) have a mature digital industrial transformation plan in place. Leading digital industrial companies, however, have learned that platform adoption can enable them to manage this highly disruptive change and enable the digital industrial transformation opportunity.

Unlike other digital platforms, Knoldus has packaged its broad industry experience into a comprehensive platform allows companies to simplify their approach for digital transformation and focus on driving innovation by leveraging the deep domain expertise of Knoldus and its ecosystem of partners.

A platform that addresses your business use cases and provides:

  • Scalable, resilient and cost optimized infrastructure
  • Microservice template that follows state of the art best practices of micro services.
  • Integration plugins with all standard legacy applications
  • Foundation that instantly enables event driven enterprise
  • Analytics & AI platform that can comes with data
  • Monitoring system

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