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Breaking down the Monolith into Microservices the Right Way!

So, you’ve taken the decision to split your monolithic application into microservices. But if you do not weigh the complexities and do it the right way, it might end up being worse than the monolith. Here are a few best practices that every organization must know!

According to research, about 63% of the enterprises are currently using Microservice Architecture for their applications. As applications evolve and become large & complex, a new software methodology was inevitable and so Microservices were born.

Modern software is based on concepts like Agile, Containers, Cloud, NoSQL databases, CI/CD, and are used on modern browsers & smartphones with high-speed internet. Microservices is the best choice to cater to such complex requirements.

But can you switch to a Microservice model just like that to adapt to these needs?

This Infographic will help you out by answering a few questions-

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