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Leveraging Technology to Enhance Personalized Patient Care

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered today. The industry’s data-driven evidential approach to medicine combined with AI is set to transform the practice of medicine and how the treatment is delivered.

AI is already being used to reinvent how people manage their health and access care, automate care delivery plans, and help with tedious tasks. It has the potential to reduce medical errors, enhance diagnostic effectiveness and results, aid in revenue optimization, and simplify processes.

Powerful and revolutionary developments are being made in healthcare today. Combining insights and shared knowledge with data from individual healthcare experiences help improve care delivery. These capabilities produce a force multiplier effect that feeds more data into insight development and knowledge sharing.

According to a report by the American National Library of Medicine, it is estimated that AI applications can cut annual U.S. healthcare costs by $150 billion in 2026. 

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