Knoldus Inc


Fast Data ingestion and machine learning enables enterprises to take smarter and real-time decisions

Fast Data: Insights at the Point of Action will Redefine Competitiveness

In today's always-connected world, enterprises need to provide real-time services and feedback to customers that utilize vast amounts of data. Enterprises need a technology stack that is capable not only of ingesting and analyzing fast streams of incoming data, but also which has the ability to instantaneously act on that data by analyzing the live streams of fast data in the context of insights gleaned from historical big data stores - all as fast as the data is being generated and enters the pipeline.We build multiple large-scale production analytical systems with streaming big data solutions like Spark and Storm. We have leveraged our experience from Architecture to Algorithms to build the data solution which works in the best interest of your business.Working at the broad level with high-growth, market-leading organizations, we automate software development lifecycle (SDLC) by leveraging our thought leadership, consulting & DevOps toolchain orchestration. Our DevOps management strategies mitigate the associated risks, pitfalls and, costs of DevOps while driving delivery of a return on investment and desired business results.

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