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Transform your business with real time data architectures

Most organizations are facing an explosion of data. The ideal architecture is a clean, optimized system that allows businesses to capitalize on all that data. It's time to build smarter, faster, more efficient businesses that are capable of handling real-time data, where the faster you can get a piece of data and respond to it, the more valuable it is.

Today, over 80% of the Fortune 100 is redefining the financial services landscape through event streaming technology. Around the world, those that capitalize on these streams of data are creating a new, powerful customer experience, seamlessly designed for regulatory uncertainty, and lowering risk in real-time while driving growth and powerful new use cases. This eBook will cover how streaming data works, its benefits, and the common use cases Knoldus is seeing amongst its financial services customers.

How Streaming Data Works as an Alternative to Big Data

Real-World Event Streaming Use Cases:

Like a digital central nervous system, an event streaming platform connects all your applications and systems, distributing data to every corner of your organization.

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