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The Perfect Guide To Start With JMeter


Performance testing is a vital aspect of the software and application development life cycle. If your web applications, sites, or APIs are going to be used by large numbers of users, you need to know how they will stand up to peak traffic or extended periods of sustained high traffic. A quick search for performance testing tools will uncover many free, open-source, and commercial-based options. One such popular tool is Apache JMeter. If you are new to performance testing, you might ask yourself, what is JMeter? And how does JMeter work?


JMeter is a top-rated open-source Java-based performance testing tool for running protocol-based load tests against various web and software services, APIs (SOAP and REST), web applications, and other web services. Compared to other performance and load testing tools and solutions that you see in the market today, JMeter was one of the earliest tools introduced to the performance testing market, which is why it is still popular and widely used to this day. This guide will cover all the various aspects, benefits, features, and disadvantages of JMeter. We will look at how JMeter works, how to carry out performance tests with JMeter, alternatives to JMeter, and much more.