Why are Business Leaders embracing IoT at an accelerated pace?

Leaving out the Internet of Things (IoT) from your Data Strategy might not be a good idea!

As companies embark on their respective digital journeys, data comes up as the deciding factor. Data is not just an output or a by-product, it is the fuel for digital transformation. And when we talk data, we can't leave IoT behind.

The Internet of Things is becoming more pervasive everywhere, and it will only become more useful as more data is collected and analyzed and connected devices become more resilient and accurate. 94% of companies in a survey conducted by Microsoft said that IoT adoption is in the pipeline by the end of 2021. As the IoT market's future looks bright, here's what this resource outlines -

  • Why IoT should become an integral part of your data strategy?
  • How companies are increasingly finding IoT to be critical for bottom-line success?
  • Global IoT spending patterns and trends
  • How key Industries are stepping into the Digital Future with IoT?
  • How does the future of the IoT market look like?

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