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Five principles to modernize your data strategy

Harnessing your data insights to create business agility

In today's digital economy, data has become an indispensable force behind capitalism and one of the key differentiators. Therefore, interest in data and what can be done with it has hit an all-time high—and it’s unsurprising. There has been an explosion in extra interesting data, paired with tools and technologies to make sense of it. The rising tide of interest has triggered a wave of corporate panic. Companies rush to inhale more and more in fear of getting left behind.

Companies are left with a voluminous list of burning questions:

The natural response to the surge in interest in data is to try to capture every last scrap of it. Companies think that More is more; the bigger the data, the better. The exponential rise of companies with data-based business models—Amazon, Uber, Airbnb—adds fuel to the frenzy.

There’s no doubt most organizations need a data strategy, but now more than ever that strategy should be based on principles grounded firmly in reality. To demystify the murky data waters, this eBook serves up five principles to support data initiatives that drive results.

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