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Build a Foundation for Tomorrow’s Financial Services

Banks and financial institutions are looking toward a future in which most business is transacted digitally. They’re adding new, always-on digital services, using artificial intelligence (AI) to power a new class of real-time applications, and automating back-office processes. They’re also forging new partnerships with fintech companies.

Most financial services firms believe that transitioning to the cloud is essential to a successful digital transformation. A survey of banks conducted by Accenture found that just 3% of respondents didn’t have a cloud strategy and had not started to think about it.

But the cloud alone isn’t enough. You also need to deal with your data. At many financial services firms, data is scattered across multiple silos. Without unifying this data and making it available to applications in real-time, it’s almost impossible to power AI applications and deliver the kind of customer experience people expect these days.Our ebook titled Build a Foundation for Tomorrow’s Financial Services explains how harnessing data in motion can make all the difference. You’ll learn how Knoldus can help you:

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