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A roadmap for architecture and 360-degree engineering for all types of Fintech applications

Businesses can't afford downtime and certainly aren't willing to pay for something they can't see. Especially in the finance domain where accuracy, consistency, and resilience for a product must be required to do a good competency with our competitors. Every business entity in this domain needs to build its product or platform more strategically than static. Here a strategic platform means your entire platform should be designed in such a way that the system can accommodate the time to time changes smoothly at any level. But the reality is that most of the finance domain organizations are still using old legacy systems to run their business operations. So in such circumstances, it is very hard to accommodate the latest business needs as well as match with market transformation speed. So for such organizations to make their platform a strategic market-driven platform, they need to do an incremental digital transformation or software modernization to achieve these outcomes.

In this, we will go through the Knoldus digital transformation journey. After working many years in the finance domain, Knoldus have a list of insights into Software modernization after applying best engineering practices in the industry.

This is an architecture cum engineering guide to give you a roadmap for your business problem:

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