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The Perfect Guide To Start With Jmeter Apache JMeter | eBook - This eBook outlines an introduction to JMeter and performance testing. Describes the steps to install Jmeter on different platforms.

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Microservices-for-digital-transformation - Digital transformation is now the new ingredient for success. Find out how microservices are removing the roadblocks in the digital journey?

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background Big-data-to-fast-data - Download the eBook to know how Fast Data applications are making their presence felt as organizations are compelled to revamp their data strategies?

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background Business-leaders-guide-to-devops - Are you finding it challenging to solve the DevOps puzzle and scale its success? What can CXOs do to navigate the maze of DevOps? Download…

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background How-are-future-trends-shaping-key-iot-spend-areas - As the physical and digital worlds come closer, IoT will have a huge role to play in the time to come. As ambitious business leaders…

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background AI-ML-for-business-decision-making - Don’t rely on guesswork for arriving at important strategic decisions for your business. Let AI empower you with futuristic insights to anticipate what’s best for…

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Forecasting: Modern AI-driven collaborative forecasting - If you’re curious about how Guided Analytics on Knime Platform can help and assists the business analyst to quickly find insights and make better forecasting…

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Five-principles-to-modernize-your-data-strategy - The rising tide of interest in data has triggered a wave of corporate panic. Companies rush to inhale more & more in fear of getting…

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background integration-of-snowflake-with-power-bi-tool - To modernize the data warehouse, organizations are increasingly focusing on moving their enterprise data to the cloud. But moving to the cloud is not a…

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background Unlock-business-value-from-legacy-systems - This ebook explores a practical, incremental approach to emerging from a crisis, by breaking free of legacy constraints and building an adaptive organization.

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background data-driven-innovation-in-media-&-entertainment - Guide to data analytics and machine learning in the age of audience personalization with a unified data architecture.

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background Actionable-strategies-to-solve-the-challenges-of-software-outsourcing - This eBook will tell you, what day-to-day obstacles are faced by tech leaders or executives who outsource app production around the world and what practical…

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background Connecting-the-Dots-Getting-Maximum-Value-From-Data - Companies are asking a lot of their data these days and treating it as a strategic asset. In this report, you’ll learn how to use…

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background Top-3-Use-Cases-for-Real-Time-Streams-in-Financial-Services-Architectures - Market leaders in the finance industry have understood the power of data to reimagine their markets, customers, products, and business model. This eBook shows how…

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background 5-Steps-to-Event-Streaming-Adoption - In this ebook, you’ll learn about the profound strategic potential in event streaming for enterprise businesses of many kinds.

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background The-Ongoing-Disruption-of-Retail - In this ebook, you’ll learn more about how the knoldus event streaming solution helps retailers connect all their data in real-time.

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background Build-a-Foundation-for-Tomorrow’s-Financial-Services - In this ebook, you’ll learn about how event streaming, an emerging technology for analyzing event data in real-time, can make all the difference.

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Event-Streaming-at-the-Core-of-Industry-4.0 - In this ebook, you’ll learn about how event streaming, an emerging technology for analyzing event data in real-time, can make all the difference.

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background legacy-to-cloud-native - If you are considering whether to go cloud native or not, here are all the reasons why you should stop procrastinating.

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Modernize-data-architecture-with-data-lake-to-combat-fraudulent-claims - Data lake will help Insurers to draw business value from new data assets & improve customer experience - without replacing existing investment in the data…

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e-book-healthcare-industry - Improve patient care with new digital services while modernizing IT infrastructure, reducing costs, and meeting the highest standards of security & compliance.

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e-book-redefine-retail-industry - Retailers are going "Reactive" along with the cloud-native solution to meet the customer demands and drive fast innovation at scale.

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background Unlock Your Potential By Becoming Digital To The Core - Download the eBook to discover the digital strategies with a modern IT backbone to drive top-line growth and streamline compliance burdens.

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background 6 questions to choose the right software development partner that suits your business. - Choose a Software Development Partner who can replace traditional processes with leading-edge techniques and accelerates speed to market.

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Discover actionable insights with an enterprise-ready platform - Accelerate your journey from insights to action with a platform-based enterprise analytics strategy.

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