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DevOps: Helping you deliver applications at the pace of business

“Digital transformation” gets a lot of buzz, but what’s it actually like to use concepts such as DevOps and CI/CD to transform your organization?

DevOps practices are a key way to accelerate digital business innovation. It is an approach to culture, automation, and a platform designed to increase the speed and flexibility with which new features and services are delivered. Modern application platforms based on container technology, kubernetes and microservices are critical to DevOps practices, helping deliver secure and innovative software services at the speed of digital business.

In this guide, learn about DevOps, its processes, and how it's an evolution of existing development models and how Knoldus helps development and IT operations teams modernize existing enterprise applications and deliver new applications by accelerating development and delivery processes.

Learn how to speed innovation and development with Knoldus DevOps Process.

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