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Creating Data Science Workflows with KNIME

By now, business leaders know the importance of deriving insights from data for business decision making. Consider retail business owners who arrive at smart decisions about future consumer demands, pricing, supply chain optimization, and more with Data Science models so that they can prepare well in advance.

However, in the quest to derive business value from Data Science, it can get pretty frustrating if you’re facing sluggish development cycles as your Data Science teams are not aligned with business goals or their efforts are not integrated within one platform.

The KNIME Analytics Platform can change all that for you. It helps you to create Data Science Models with a GUI-driven approach. It finds its applications in multiple industries for data processing, ETL, data visualizations, and analysis.

In this webinar, our Machine Learning expert will be introducing the concept of the KNIME Analytics Platform and helping you build Machine Learning models with its help so that you can apply it to your business.



Shubham Goyal
Software Consultant at Knoldus Inc.

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