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Building Stateful Systems with Akka Cluster Sharding

We’re at another juncture in enterprise computing where there is a large push behind a big vision of the future, the push towards serverless architectures—a world where less human oversight and participation is required in operations.

At this time, serverless computing is so hot right now. A promise of ‘Opsless’, cloud-native, pay-for-what-you-use functions does sound great,but the current incarnation of serverless that most people think of–Function as a Service (FaaS)–is limited to ephemeral, stateless, and short-lived functions. Amazon Lambda caps their lifespan to 15 minutes, for example.

This is not what we need out of a general platform for building modern real-time, data-centric applications and systems. What we do need are scalable, stateful services that can operate on cloud infrastructure as if they are stateless.

Watch this on-demand webinar and find out how to make your next application stateful, providing a better understanding of the technology landscape, challenges and pitfalls, and successful methods with Akka Cluster Sharding

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