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Our services are helping companies around the world deliver what's most critical to their business, faster.

Reactive Application

Service Overview - Reactive Application

Modernize application architecture and infrastructure strategies with Reactive Platform.

Fast Data and Machine Learning

Service Overview - Fast Data and Machine Learning

Our fast data solutions offer multiple technologies that work hand-in-hand to create value out of high-velocity, high-volume data.

Reactive DevOps

Service Overview - Reactive DevOps

Deliver faster and have greater business agility by implementing Reactive DevOps.



A Quick Start Guide to build Microservices using Akka HTTP with Scala in a One-Week Read



Get the book to learn the basic concepts of Lagom. It covers the gap between documentation and actual real-time implementation and uses of Lagom.

Case Study

Case Study

HPE transforms the customer experience with near real-time insights with Knoldus Analytics solution

Knoldus Digital Platform

Platform Brief: Knoldus Digital Platform

Digital Platforms Is The Key Ingredient For The Success In Today's Digital Economy.

Data Science Platform

Platform Brief: Data Science Platform

Accelerate your journey from insights to action with a platform-based enterprise analytics strategy.

Data Science Service

Service Overview - Data Science Service

Reimagine your business process to generate breakthrough business impact with our data science services.

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