Knoldus programming in scala


A practical step by step approach for Functional Programming. This book is packed with the Scala basic & advanced concepts and the examples for each Concept.

Knoldus eBook redefine retail

eBookInsurance Industry

Data lake will help Insurers to draw business value from new data assets & improve customer experience - without replacing existing investment in data warehouse.

Knoldus eBook - Healthcare Industry

eBookHealthcare Industry

Improve patient care with new digital services while modernizing IT infrastructure, reducing costs, and meeting the highest standards of security & compliance.

Knoldus eBook - Redefine retail Industry

eBookRedefine Retail Industry

Retailers are going "Reactive" along with the cloud-native solution to meet the customer demands and drive fast innovation at scale

Knoldus eBook - Financial Service Industry

eBookFinancial Services Industry

Download the eBook to discover the digital strategies with a modern IT backbone to drive top-line growth and streamline compliance burdens.

Knoldus Choose a Software Development Partner


Choose a Software Development Partner who can replace traditional processes with leading-edge techniques and accelerates speed to market.

Knoldus Company Brochur

Company Brochure

Our services are helping companies around the world deliver what's most critical to their business, faster.

Knoldus Reactive Application

Service OverviewReactive Application

Modernize application architecture and infrastructure strategies with Reactive Platform.

Knoldus Fast Data and Machine Learning

Service OverviewFast Data & Machine Learning

Our fast data solutions offer multiple technologies that work hand-in-hand to create value out of high-velocity, high-volume data.

Knoldus Reactive DevOps

Service OverviewReactive DevOps

Deliver faster and have greater business agility by implementing Reactive DevOps.

Knoldus build Microservices e-Book


A Quick Start Guide to build Microservices using Akka HTTP with Scala in a One-Week Read

Knoldus Lagom concepts e-Book


Get the book to learn the basic concepts of Lagom. It covers the gap between documentation and actual real-time implementation and uses of Lagom.

Knoldus HPE Case Study

Case Study

HPE transforms the customer experience with near real-time insights with Knoldus Analytics solution

Knoldus Digital Platform

Platform BriefKnoldus Digital Platform

Digital Platforms Is The Key Ingredient For The Success In Today's Digital Economy.

Knoldus Data Science Platform

Platform BriefData Science Platform

Accelerate your journey from insights to action with a platform-based enterprise analytics strategy.

Knoldus Data Science Service

Service OverviewData Science Service

Reimagine your business process to generate breakthrough business impact with our data science services.

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