Knoldus is the world's largest pure-play Scala and Spark company.

We modernize enterprises through cutting-edge digital engineering by leveraging Scala, Functional Java and Spark ecosystem.

We set us APART, by the NUMBERS

  • 30+ reactive products on Typesafe stack already in production
  • 15+ Fast Data products on Spark, Kafka streaming in production
  • Client base from Fortune 50 to fast-paced startups
  • 115+ A class engineers focused on Functional programming and Fast Data platform
  • A team fully equipped to lower the barriers of timezone and geographies with a high focus on code quality, communication, and commitment

Knoldus constantly innovates to enhance business agility and re-engineer digital systems at the pace the business demands. Our mission is to provide reactive and streaming fast data solutions that are message-driven, elastic, resilient, and responsive.

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