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  Individuals are usually rewarded for what they know and not what they share.  

- Dalkir , Author

  At Knoldus, we attempt to invert the above paradigm.  

Knoldus Articles

Beamstream case study Knoldus product case study on Lightbend
Lightbend Blog Coverage of Knoldus' initiative ScalaJobz
InfoQ Various Publications
The Server Side (May 11' 2007) Agile Offshoring : It's hard work but it works!
InfoQ (December 12'2007) Static code analysis can highlight deeper flaws
Agile Journal(January 06'2008) The Shiny New Agile Architect

Knoldus at Conferences

Big Data Computation and Analysis with Scala National Big Data Conference 2013, Delhi, India
Designing for Concurrency and Performance IndicThreads 2013, Delhi, India
Crawling the web, Harnessing the power of Nutch with Scala IndicThreads 2012, Delhi, India
Massive Scalability with Akka 2.x IndicThreads 2012, Delhi, India
Building Massively Scalable Applications with Akka IndicThreads 2011, Pune, India
Multi-tenancy in the cloud and Google App Engine Cloud Slam 2011, Mountain View, CA
Focussed Session: Prepare your Data for the Cloud Business Technology Summit 2010
Focussed Session: Challenges and Solutions for Multi-Tenancy on the cloud Business Technology Summit 2010
Case Study: Migrating an Enterprise Application to Google App Engine Business Technology Summit 2010
Getting Started with jClouds: Multi Cloud Framework Cloud Computing Conference 2010
Preparing Your Data For Cloud Cloud Computing Conference 2010
Challenges and Solutions For Multi-tenancy On The Cloud Cloud Computing Conference 2010
Testing Your Application on / for Google App Engine Cloud Computing Conference 2010
Overview of The Scala Based Lift Web Framework IndicThreads Technology Conference 2009
Experience Of Fully Distributed Scrum With No Time Overlap IndicThreads Technology Conference 2009
Developing, deploying and monitoring Java applications using Google App Engine IndicThreads Technology Conference 2009
Automating the JEE deployment process IndicThreads Technology Conference 2009
Getting Started with Scala Open Source Software (OSS) Camp, New Delhi
Panel Discussion on Distributed Agile Agile Australia Conference
Introduction to Extreme Programming Agile NCR Conference

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