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Knoldus is an Affiliate Partner of the EPFL - Scala Center

Knoldus is honoured to have been named to the Scala Center’s official advisory board. At Knoldus, our mission is to “Helping Businesses Succeed with TechnologyTM.” We empower global enterprises and SMEs by leveraging emerging future-ready technologies, bringing them a quantifiable competitive advantage. Recently, we announced Affiliate Partnership with EPFL Switzerland.

Knoldus is an Affiliate Partner of the EPFL - Scala Center

Knoldus was started with Scala. 11 years ago when we saw the potential of Scala, we moved quickly to start using that in all our engagements and reaped the benefits early enough to demonstrate the power of Scala to our clients.

Scala is explicitly designed to express the most common programming patterns clear, elegant, concisely, and in a type-safe manner. It is a perfect combination of object-oriented and functional language concepts with rich syntax and type systems.

Knoldus has now been extensively working on Scala language for over a decade and constantly helping Global enterprises and startups to build high-performance systems based on Scala language. We have been regular conferences and meetups as presenters, sponsors, and participants. Our Scala-focused meetup groups have more than 4500 members in New Delhi, 500+ members in Toronto, 250+ members in the Netherlands, and 300+ members in Singapore.

As a high-end service and consulting organization focused on emerging tech we would like to be associated with Scala, its development, and evangelization of the language.

Our partnership with the Scala Center

The Scala Center, founded in 2016, is an open-source Scala foundation that aims to assist the space’s long-term development. EPFL is a world-class research university in Lausanne, Switzerland, having a unit dedicated to it. The Scala Center is a language foundation dedicated to fostering long-term growth in the Scala open source community.

Knoldus’ partnership with the Scala Center strengthens the company’s position in the Scala community. We will be one of the few companies active in the development of Scala from the ground up. We have been working to create systems with next-generation capabilities as an organization. We can now offer even more support for companies interested in building a world-class team with this new partnership!

Knoldus is now a part of Scala Center’s formal advisory board members. Companies that want to help the open-source community and back their strategic investment in Scala and related technology make up the Advisory Board.

As an affiliate partner, Knoldus profits the capacity to vote in elections for the Scala Center’s Advisory Board, the capacity to advise and vote on guidelines for Scala Center initiatives, recruitment possibilities at EPFL, get right of entry to the Scala Center’s transparency reports, and the possibility to take part in the Scala Center’s annual event.

We hope we will continue to grow with the Scala Center and continue growing the ecosystem together in the future.

If you have a strong interest in Scala and want to work with the world’s largest team of Functional Programming and Fast Data engineers, see Knoldus’ current job openings.

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