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About Knoldus

What's Our Story

It was late 2009, and working with outsourcing companies in India, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, and Poland had become a frustrating experience for a select few. Three persistent difficulties come up time and time again, and these are the issues of code quality, communication efficiency, and commitment level.

The notion was that if we could address these issues and deliver specialist solutions to the corporate sector, we’d be in good shape. We chose Functional Programming as our vehicle. After over two decades of using Java, Functional Programming was an intriguing option for developing the next generation of business solutions.

Who is Knoldus ?

Founded over 12 years ago (headquartered in Canada with delivery centers in Chicago, New Delhi, Noida, Netherland and Singapore) and with a team of 350+ seasoned experts, Knoldus has the world’s largest team of Functional Programming and Fast Data engineers focused on creating customized high-performance solutions.

Our mission is to ‘Help businesses succeed with technology’ by leveraging emerging future-ready technologies hence bringing them a competitive advantage. Our capabilities in building high-performance millisecond response real-time applications that deposit data into high-speed data lakes thus enabling the AI models have won accolades from our clients in Fintech, Healthcare, Retail, Travel, Media, Publishing, Hi-Tech, and IoT.

Knoldus, which is backed by a large network of certified strategic partners such as Google (Cloud, AI/ML, Tensorflow), Lightbend (Akka, Scala), Hashicorp, Datastax (Cassandra, DSE Graph), Confluent (Kafka), and Databricks (Spark, Delta Lake), assists enterprise clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, in building systems with next-generation capabilities that set them apart and create new opportunities.

Fast Facts






Globally team members

Our History of Creating Memories

Started in 2010 with the actively be on the edge of the latest technology.
Choose Reactive & Functional Programming(Scala, Clojure, Java7) as future of building products.
Quickly become partners with Lightbend, Databricks, Confluent, Datastax, Docker & IBM
Over the following years, Knoldus protfolio grown and delivered highly successful fraud detection system for enterprises with 40+ engineers.

Expanded in other territories: Toronto , Chicago and Singapore with 130 engineers.

With the problem solving approach, we provided support in designing, creating and maintaining big data models to inform critical business decisions

Establish Pune office and added Rust Programming Language in our tech stack.

Always keep the customer ahead with future-ready technologies & processes

Our Core Practices

The recipe for our success depends upon the following best practices we follow. We help enterprises pursue a path of smart digital transformation via our core practices. These include:

Pair Programming

Two heads are better than one, so we write code in pairs. Pair Programming provides a higher degree of quality assurance, encourages diversity of thought, and ultimately produces better software.


We build software in short, one-week release cycles called iterations. This method provides built-in quality checkpoints, which allows our team to adopt the change requirements and continually improve the end product.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is the corner-stone of daily activities. Our diligent dedication to Continuous Integration results in immense confidence in the software we deliver to be robust and defect-free.

Test Driven Development

We leverage tests to ensure our coding behaves correctly. This increases the accuracy, efficiency,and effectiveness of our coding.This help get your product to market on time and on budget.

Quantifiable code quality

We build software in short, one-week release cycles called iterations. This method provides built-in quality checkpoints, which allows our team to adopt the change requirements and continually improve the end product.

Customer Centric Communication

One of the keys to successful Agile development is open and consistent communication with our customers. This ensures our team stays on target with the customer's objectives, encourages customer involvement at every step, & builds a partnering relationship that focuses on mutual success.

Our People

We are Knolders

Knoldus is a flat, non-hierarchical organization. We have an outstanding dream team of people working together. With this strategy, we are a more flexible, enjoyable, stimulating, and creative organization. We believe in an open culture and value diversity of thought.

Knoldus catalyzes change and delivers results by combining technical skills and business intelligence. We (Knolders) are a mix of seasoned professionals, people-centric problem-solvers, and software innovators on the fast track. We’re a creative engine focused on producing high-quality code to assist our customers in achieving their goals, and we’re driven to help them make the most of every opportunity.

We stay on the cutting edge of technology so that our customers can benefit from our expertise. This is ingrained in our work, but we also assist our clients in training their internal teams.

Our Leadership Team

Servant Leaders

Vikas Hazrati
CEO & Co-Founder

Vikas is the CEO & Co-Founder at Knoldus Inc. In his role as CEO, Vikas leads transformation into an Intelligent Enterprise by focusing on business process simplification, product and services quality, portfolio and investment strategy, intelligent data and analytics, and value achievement through technologies and digital innovation adoption to the benefit of both customers and employees. He works closely with the management team trying to create a rich culture of knowledge sharing, ownership and people centricity. A good chunk of his time goes in strategizing on how the company should grow while remaining true to the vision and core values.Apart from this, he is never too far away from the keyboard. He blogs, has presented at various Technology conferences and written articles on Software development across various media outlets in print as well as online. In his 20+ years of experience, he has become a recognized speaker, mentor, and practitioner in the software industry.


Ram Indukuri
President & Co-Founder

Ram Indukuri is a partner at Knoldus Inc and has 25+ years of experience in implementing a large variety of enterprise applications. He is responsible for leading the creation of large-scale distributed applications and the integration of disparate systems. He is a big proponent of Microservices infrastructure, Streaming and Machine Learning and firmly believes that technology can indeed help in making the world a better place to live.Apart from this, he is an avid blogger, open source contributor and speaker at several public forums including Kafka Summit. His interests include Microservices infrastructure, Streaming and Machine Learning.Before joining Knoldus, he has earlier worked for IBM S/390 Division, Coopers & Lybrand, Deloitte Consulting and few other prestigious organizations.


Bhavya Aggarwal
CTO & Co-Founder

Bhavya is a CTO & Partner at Knoldus Inc, leading the Technology and Innovation area. He is responsible for product development, exploring new and promising technologies, exploring best practices of distributed software development and contributing to the technology roadmap for Knoldus. He translates technology to the business sectors and collaborates with clients to implement technology-enabled change at scale, developing scalable and reselient solutions.Technology and process improvements have been a forte of Bhavya and has richer experience in technologies with 16+ years experience.

Studio Heads

Himanshu Gupta
Architecture & Reactive Studio

Himanshu is Lead Software Consultant at Knoldus. He is responsible for maintain an unwavering commitment to provide extraordinary experiences while recognizing the unique business demands of the project. He believes that best result comes when everyone works as a team.Himanshu is a respected thought leader and a regular speaker at global conferences. He is always keen to learn new technologies and has sound knowledge of "Machine Learning" and "Pattern Recognition".On a personal front, he likes listening to music, watch movies, and read science fiction books in his free time.


Piyush Rana
Technology head, Canada

Piyush Rana is a Lead Consultant at Knoldus Inc. He's a functional programming enthusiast and has the responsibilities of Product Development/Consulting, Project Management/Agile/Scrum across multiple domains in Scala, Java, and Spark. He has obtained various tech certificates like MongoDB, Scala, Spark proven his competency in it. He's a dedicated professional who believes in giving his best to complete his work meticulously.He enjoys working in a team and wants to satisfy all around him and his Jovial nature help in team development.


Gaurav Shukla
Test Automation Studio

Gaurav is a resposible to lead Quality Assurance team at Knoldus. He closely work with the development team ad actively promotes shifting left in the development cycle and understands the project domain throughly.He is well familiar with core QA concepts and well versed in designing automation frameworks in a microservice environment and has a good hands-on experience in automation tools like ReadyAPI, SoapUI,,,,, Selenium (Java & Scala) and others.


Rachel Jones
Solution Lead

Rachel is Solution Lead at Knoldus. She has strategic responsibility for integrating Knoldus' services to tackle and solve our clients’ most complex problems. Her responsibility is to lead the integration and growth of the transformation services that ensure we can engage with business executives who want to build the capabilities needed to become a modern digital business, from anywhere across our global business.She is a seasoned leader whose expertise spans both strategy and execution. She has extensive experience in helping shape and execute strategies that drive improved shareholder value with 23+ years of experience.


Joseph Ross
Principal Consultant

Charting transformation roadmaps and growing winning partnerships with ambitious customers is a short sum up of Jospeh's passions as a principal consultant. As the Principal consultant of Knoldus, he is responsible for the company’s operations in the region, business strategy, software delivery excellence, new capability development, customer relationships, balancing sustainable growth and building high-performance teams.With 14 years of experience, he has in depth experience in a variety of development methodologies and has played roles of a Technical Lead. He has a proven track record in leading global transformational initiatives.


Rahul Miglani
DevOps Studio

Rahul Miglani is Vice President at Knoldus and heads the DevOps Practice. He is a DevOps evangelist with a keen focus to build deep relationships with senior technical individuals and pre-sales from customers all over the globe to enable them to be DevOps and cloud advocates and help them achieve their automation journey. He also acts as a technical liaison between customers, service engineering teams, and the DevOps community.Rahul works with customers intending to make them solid references on the Cloud container services platforms. Also, he participates as a thought leader in the docker, Kubernetes, container, cloud, and DevOps communities.His proficiency includes rich experience in highly optimised, highly available architectural decision-making with an inclination towards logging, monitoring, security, governance, and visualisation.


Ravinder Dua
Java Studio

Ravinder is Sr. V.P. Engineering in Knoldus. He heads the Java Studio in Knoldus and also leads and drives more significant Accounts of Knoldus. He is a seasoned and passionate IT Software Delivery and Engineering professional with 20+ years of progressive experience in architecting, designing, developing, implementing, delivering and leading IT products and solutions in Hi-Tech, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecommunication and Education industries.He brings superior expertise in product engineering, building and leading SAAS platforms, developing methodologies, developer supervision and client relations. He has an excellent track record of surpassing goals and expectations of quality, schedule, and cost goals and expectations while implementing fast-paced IT solutions. He is highly competent in Managing and leading Technology, People and Processes. He has successfully led small to multi-million-dollar IT projects, products, platforms and programs for Fortune 500 and other clients.He is a digital transformation leader with strong Technical Background in Enterprise, Digital and Cloud Technologies. Proven ability in leading, motivating and mentoring teams of 150+ associates. He has Entrepreneur Skills, IsOriented, Highly Energetic, Positive, Self Drive & Cost Conscious. Strategic partner focused on building and delivering IT strategies, CEOs and solutions aligned with business goals.He has a high focus on delivering value to all relevant stakeholders and achieving Business Goals. Ability to make the organisation more agile, lean and faster, ensuring IT act as an enabler to respond to changing business dynamics.


Prachi Singh
Agile Studio

Prachi Singh is a Project Manager at Knoldus Inc. She is agile, enthusiastic and believes in getting things done. She is involved in all the project lifecycle stages and delivered product features mitigating customer pain points.Apart from the project responsibilities, she is also heading the agile studio, which involves streamlining the agile practices across the organisation and is CSM and PMP certified. She is a highly motivated and empathetic “customer termite” with a passion for going deep into the customer psyche, understanding their deepest fears, motivation, internal and external triggers, and creating solutions around that.

Niraj kumar sharma

Niraj Kumar Sharma
FrontEnd Studio

Niraj is AVP-UI Practice at Knoldus Inc; he leads the Front-End studio and UI/UX innovation area. He is responsible for product development & enhancement, exploring new and promising web technologies, exploring the best UI/UX practices of distributed software development and contributing to the front-end technology roadmap for KnoldusHe translates technology to the business sectors and collaborates with clients to enable rich UI/UX, developing scalable and resilient solutions.Development with front-end technologies, UI/UX improvements have been a forte of Niraj, and he has richer experience in technologies with 17+ years experience.

Enabling Functions
Khalid ahmed

Khalid Ahmed
Head, Marketing

With more than 9 years of experience in marketing, Khalid is a seasoned technology executive who has led multiple teams at prominent organizations domestically and internationally. Currently, Khalid is responsible for marketing and strategy formulation to lead & set up a growth-oriented marketing & prospecting team at Knoldus.In his previous assignment at Uzio, Khalid led the marketing initiatives for their SaaS product line, and being an early group of founding team members, he was responsible for a combination of critical functions including GTM strategy and demand generation activities/Growth Plan to deliver a qualified pipeline to accelerate business growth.


Gaurav Aggarwal
AVP, Global Finance

Gaurav is a AVP of Finance and Accounts department at Knoldus Inc. His responsibilities include the areas of finance and administration. In this capacity, he took on the responsibility for Global Finance, Planning & Analysis, Taxation, Reporting, Budgeting & Projection, SOP Development, Consolidation (IGAAP & IND AS & US GAAP).He also helps with the preparation of Detailed project report, Annual budget & Projections and regular variance analysis.


Jony Mandal
AVP - People and Culture, Learning and Development

With over 14+ years of Learning & Development Management, Jony has contributed in all dimensions of the Learning & Organization Development domain in terms of Capability Development, Organization Development, Talent Management, and High Impact Program Management. He supports the overall business strategy and help the business grow through it employees and Learning & Development initiatives which enable achievement of strategic objectives as per the organization plan, needs, budget & expectations.He specialize in managing a department & core team for delivering the full Learning, Training & development cycle to design, delivery and evaluation of L&D solutions from induction programmes to management/project/IT/Non-IT development programmes which enable achievement of strategic objectives and organizational development priorities.