Knoldus Inc


Internship Program

At Knoldus, we offer a unique Internship program named ‘Knoldus Internship Programme’ to all engineering students. This program is based on the ‘Earn while you learn’ model which includes a wide exposure to a variety of technologies accompanied by a very competitive stipend. Under the framework of this program, our interns go through a learning journey of six months, and after successful completion of
their internships, they are felicitated with the ‘Knoldus Graduate Engineer’ Certificate.

The learning journey is bifurcated into two parts (a) Knoldus Induction Program (b) Knoldus Ultimate Program. Whereas ‘Knoldus Induction Program’ is of 3 weeks duration wherein our interns get an exposure to ‘Campus to corporate’ transition covering behaviours and cultural values, ‘Knoldus Ultimate Program’ is of five months duration wherein our interns gain in-depth exposure on understanding and
application of distinct technologies (Java, Scala, Rust, AI/ML, UI/UX, DevOps, etc.).

To make the learning journey more interesting and effective, buddies are appointed for all the interns. The buddies act as a lighthouse for the interns and they help them with their queries, understanding of the topics, project shadowing, and many more!

To help our interns assess their level of understanding and expertise, we have a unique assessment model called ‘Licence to Operate (LTO)’ at various stages of the learning journey.


"I feel proud and enriched"

Earn While You Learn

You will be offered a competitive stipend as per the industry standards

Exposure to variety of technologies

Become an expert with emerging technologies (Scala, Java, DevOps, AI/ ML, etc.)

Exposure to work with clients

Work as a shadow engineer in project and take practical exposure on client projects

Buddy-up Program

Learn and work alongside a buddy who will coach you and guide you towards success

Global exposure as a Coach

Parcipate as a Coach in our weekly Knolx sessions. These sessions have global reach

Share your Strengths globally

Contribute to the Tech Community (Writing Blogs, Tech Hub Templates, OS Contribution, etc

Become a Learning Ambassador

Become a batch leader (rotational basis) and become the lighthouse and guide for your batch

Access to Google Classroom

You will have access to wide range of learning content around various emerging technologies