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Coordinating care across a health system is a complex business. New systems have to be deployed without any disruption to the existing ones. Emerging technologies need to be leveraged for competitive advantage without losing track of privacy and compliance. We deliver custom solutions and consulting to provide immediate, tangible benefits to our clients and their patients. We believe in patient empowerment, leveraging health data and connected ecosystems to create better health outcomes and experiences. We are passionate about applying our experience in data and customer experience to improve access to quality health care.

More health data also means more opportunities to apply AI/ML techniques to care delivery.

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Simplify security to empower innovation in Healthcare
Machine Learning’s personalized approach to intelligent care
ML is transforming medical treatment and diagnosis
Working with Knoldus on two separate occasions have both been the best offshore experience I have had in my career. Both teams have been exceptionally knowledgeable and professional in everything they have done. Vikas and his team has really taught us how to develop more effective Spark code and has been a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to work with Knoldus anytime.
Larry Presswood

Lead Architect : Zillion Inc