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The Company

A global leader in health technology, this organization is revolutionizing the way patients receive care and enabling better outcomes across the healthcare continuum. Headquartered in the US, our partner is an industry leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring, and health informatics, along with consumer health and home care. The company has been a pioneer in the medical alerts category in North America and holds the #1 position in the industry. Leading the industry since the last four decades, the organization is catering to over 7 million seniors and their family members through a network of more than 2,500 hospitals and senior living facilities.

The Challenge

The motivation behind their caregiving products is to make it easier for the family members of aging loved ones to take care of them. The company provides an easy-to-use medical alert system that lets you summon help at any time of the day or night, even by someone who cannot speak.

However, the testing process was witnessing a few challenges and had to be revamped to meet rising customer expectations. Let’s go through each of these challenges -

Since the application was witnessing a rising customer base, we had to find a way to increase the number of test cases while ensuring that the testing time is brought down. Our goal was to ensure faster releases without compromising on the overall quality of the application.

The Solution

Along with the client, Knoldus decided that the best option was to automate and implement an API testing pipeline with the help of multiple open-source tools and design a custom data-driven framework that allows us to:

We chose the following tools & technologies to accomplish our goals -:

The API Testing Pipeline

To ensure the quality of the product, we introduced automation at every step and built the test suites for:

Knoldus Case Study Global Cruise Company

After building these test suites, we integrated these tests with our main CI/CD pipeline.

Knoldus Case Study Global Cruise Company

The Results

Implement a practical Test Automation Pyramid with Knoldus

Knoldus has an impressive track record providing excellent Quality Assurance services to clients worldwide. We cover the full test automation pyramid by introducing test suites at different levels such as

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