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Scala and Spark Drives Innovation In Fleisure App via Knoldus API Solution

About Fleisure

Fleisure is an app that helps people bookmark and remember the things they want to do with their free time: the books they want to read, the movies they want to see, the restaurants and bars they want to try.The idea is to help people easily capture and share all of the insights they have every day about things they might like: while walking by a cute restaurant, when reading a review of a book or while talking with a friend about a movie. Microservice is all about doing one job and doing it well, they solve the challenges of monolithic systems by being as modular as possible. In the simplest form, they help build an application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and are independently deployable.

The Challenge

Fleisure met Knoldus when one of other Scala product development organization in UK could not meet their needs. The product was in a shape where it was difficult to extend on top of it. It was slow and needed a fresh lease of life to spring back in action.

Our Solution

Knoldus worked with the Fleisure team in Milan and New York to understand the re-engineer the codebase which existed. First, a test harness was built around the product so that we could refactor the code without affecting the final outcome. Once the code was in a stable mode, the services were modularised and API was built on top of them so that the end points could be used by the mobile product.

Knoldus fleisur


Currently the product is being heavily used in Italy and was amongst the top 10 downloaded products in Italy for a while. The website of Corriere della Sera, Italy’s main newspaper, also picked up Fleisure as one of the best new apps. Currently they are ranked as high as #4 in their category (food & drink).

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