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Devops Training Courses for Beginners to Advanced


DevOps Academy at Knoldus University is an online, easy-to-use, integrated platform for learning DevOps. Whether you are a beginner, experienced, or looking for a switch, our rich set of courses and exhaustive labs will help you build a successful DevOps career.


The idea behind DevOps Academy at Knoldus University is not just to provide another online learning platform where you pay and learn but to provide a common platform for emerging engineers to acquire industry-standard practices and be the best they can be. Experienced DevOps professionals create all our courses and labs to impart quality training.

What to expect from DevOps Course

The purpose of the DevOps Academy at Knoldus University is to facilitate the learning of DevOps-related tools and technologies that will provide a means to build a strong understanding of this field. Multiple detailed courses and hands-on examples will encourage you to enhance your learning in the right direction. The course materials offered here will be best suitable for people learning the technologies from the basics and growing towards the advanced segments. This course will make you Knoldus DevOps Ninja.