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Empowering change through Corporate Social Responsibility

" Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails. "

The Responsible Business Summit'13

Organizations are a small part of society at large. At Knoldus, we believe that our success is incomplete if we don't do our bit to give back to our communities and empower change in the lives of other people. To stay in line with Knoldus's mission, we have propelled a focused approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility to dedicate a small but significant part of our efforts towards making the world a better place to live.

Our bucket list of sustainable initiatives includes partnering with neighboring NGOs, organizing collection drives, collaborating with schools, and helping out in children's education. Our focused approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility has been designed to ensure that Knolders can channelize their efforts in a meaningful way while creating a positive impact.

Our focal areas:

At Knoldus, we have chosen "Children's Education and Computer Literacy" as our first focal point as we begin our long journey to Corporate Social Responsibility. Our active initiatives are channeled towards identifying underprivileged children in our local communities and giving them improved access to computers and digital learning tools.

Besides this, Knoldus is very serious about girls' education. It's disheartening to see that despite the rapid developments in society, there are many girls in our country who are denied access to quality education. A lot of major roadblocks still persist in this area in the form of logistical, cultural and religious barriers.


Some of the proposed initiatives

Empower underprivileged adolescent girls with the help of an institution

Impart vocational training to help them become employable

Provide material support like books, stationery items and more

Organize hygiene and environmental cleanliness workshops

Our initiatives:

Prayas Vidyalaya, an NGO

We are quite proud to announce our recent association with Prayas Vidyalaya, an NGO based out of Noida. They operate out of two locations where they teach around 104 young children from economically weak sections after school hours and conduct co-curricular activities with children in these colonies.

Knoldus has executed a few activities in collaboration with Prayas.

These are just small steps that we have taken and we have a large goal to achieve as we keep striding ahead in our initiatives.