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Yes, you read it right! If you are an entrepreneur who wants to make it big in the functional programming world then we would like you to talk to us. You would be running entire operations of a Knoldus location!

Knoldus is an organization which helps partners right from Startups to Fortune 500 realize their product dream. The products that we create are Scalable, Resilient and highly performant. They would harness the power of the machine like no other. The technology of choice are based on the Typesafe stack augmented with strong Agile focus and skills of the team at Knoldus. We are one of the forerunners on Big Data Analytics and Big Data Crunching using functional programming.

Technical Skills:

Battle scars from building reliable web-scale systems.

Passion for building products used by hundreds of millions worldwide.

Experience building large scale, high performance distributed systems.

Excellent programming skills in Java or Scala.

Experience with Storm, Spark, Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, Riak, Neo4j.

Experience with high availability systems is a strong plus.

Other skills:

You are a team motivator and not a boss. At Knoldus respect comes with knowledge and not with years of experience.

Started or been closely associated with people who started a company earlier. If you failed in doing that then you have the scars which make you even better.

Be responsible for the technical design and experience in guiding/mentoring others.

Able to work in a no-hierarchy environment, and fast sprint work cycles.

Excellent analytical aptitude and problem solving skills.

Excellent communication and customer interfacing skill.

Constantly upgrade self-knowledge & share with team.

Team player skills. At Knoldus respect comes with knowledge and not with years of experience.

Blogger, Conference Speaker, Open Source Contributor.


Customer Management

Manage client requests and expectations; coordinate with the client engineering team

Assist Onsite Co-ordinator to Set/ negotiate expectations

Understand (implicit and explicit) customer feedback and adopt in the subsequent deliveries

Project Management

Primarily responsible for successful completion of the project on time, on budget, specification with an objective to delight and satisfy customers

Performing basic project management activities such as planning, budgeting, resource allocation, high utilization, estimation etc

Providing technical vision for project(s) (Incase of Technical Manager's)

Primary responsibility for project execution, meeting timelines, achieving planned milestones, ensuring quality of deliverables sent to client, project monitoring & control, and project closure.

Engage client in all project life cycle activities for quality delivery and reducing risk

Ensure project documentation is in place, complete, and of good quality and kept in versioning tool

Supervise and manage project development effort estimation and precisely calculate project size.

Convey and convince Project Estimation to the client

Set architectural and design Guidelines and Checklist

Manage customization, integration and QA activities

Supervise, schedule and allocate tasks, integrate, review and produce status reports

Issue & Risk Management

Anticipate risks at customer's end and mitigate early

Understand political & competitive threats and strategize to respond to them

Issue escalation and resolution

Team Management

Fair and constructive appraisals of team members at a regular frequency

Ensure that the team works in proper coordination and in sync with the plans - anticipate personal or professional issues and help sort them out

Supervise and help the Project lead/ team members working with analysts on the feasibility and workability of a conceptual design by taking high-level functional / technical specifications prepared by the analyst and designing system components to meet the stated need.

Also supervise the preparation of functional / technical specifications.

Mentor team members to match with the Project expectation.

Account Mining

Mine the client account for more avenues of working together.

Discover and create opportunities.

Ensure account profitability.

Organizational activities

Help in Building future capabilities for the company - both with regard to technology development and managerial talent - in line with the company's overall long term strategy.

Communicate company plans and future strategy to the team members with discretion, with the aim of keeping them involved and informed.

Liaison with other Project managers / project leads to help solve technical issues at a quick pace, and provide for re-use of components / functionalities wherever possible.

Establishing, updating and sharing good practices and processes for designing, coding, testing, team collaboration, knowledge sharing, communication, configuration management, documentation, etc. for project.

Ensure compliance of the performance measurement processes laid down by the organization.

Participating in Staffing activities of the organization.

Enabling a professional and friendly work environment.

Assistance in POC and contribute to RFPs.


Strong focus on technology, you would have presented at conferences, authored books, have an active blog site and strong presence on GitHub.

Have lead teams to build a company. Apart from technology you have it in you to build business lines. Work with group of people and convert them into a team. Work with teams to convert them into a company.

Expertise in object-oriented programming with strong coding and debugging abilities.

Ability to resolve technical queries/issues of their team members.

Grasp the big picture, and be curious about and engaged in the broader world.

Nimble and flexible enough to thrive in a rapidly evolving business environment.

An independent thinker and not a technologist who just executes on specs.

Able to have big thoughts and the courage to voice them.

Enthusiastic for emerging technologies.

Experience / Qualifications:

8+ years of industry experience.

Mtech/MS/MCA/Btech/PHD in computer science, information systems, or similar technical field would be the preferred.

We offer best salary in the industry !

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