Knoldus offers flexible engagement models to suit the product needs. We believe in building a strong rapport with the partner thus resulting in a win-win situation which is in the best interest of the product. Some of our testimonials would reveal the way we work. We offer the following engagement models

Knoldus mvp development

Sprint based MVP development

In this model, we help you create and refine your product backlog and focus on a set of stories in each sprint. A sprint is usually two weeks in length. The idea behind this model is to work with you on the stories which would deliver the maximum value for the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and help you release to the market. We will design, implement, and support software for you. We would work with you from inception to the deployment and then grow the product with you.

Two Sprint Trial Model

This is a very comfortable model if you have not tried offshoring before or you would like to do a dry run on how the actual engagement would run. In this model, Knoldus would charge only half of the actual sprint cost for the first two sprints. If we mutually decide to go ahead, the balance amount for the first two sprints is added to the third sprint cost. This model helps you reduce your trial investment to half with Knoldus filling in the rest. After two sprints you would be able to judge whether Knoldus is the right partner for you. We are so confident about our capabilities and process that we would encourage you to try this model first.

Knoldus two sprint trial model
Knoldus expertise augmentation

Expertise Augmentation

This model is useful when you have a development team which needs expert level hand-holding to get up to speed. A Knoldus consultant would work with the team during Sprints and make sure that the team is getting trained. He would also be responsible for a successful delivery of the sprint and eventually the product. Our consultants have a great diversity of technical expertise, including distributed systems, NoSQL databases, machine learning, cloud hosting, continuous integration, among many others. You could augment your existing team with Knoldus consultants or use the technical expertise of Knoldus consultants for the required period of time.

Skin in the game

This is a model wherein Knoldus Angel invests in your product by picking a small stake in the product in lieu of discounted billing. This model is a win-win model which is very helpful for early-stage start-ups who are looking for getting their product to the market quickly and then raise money to grow the idea further. Together make sure that the budget and time constraints do not stop a high potential product from getting to the market.

Knoldus Skin in the game
Sprint based MVP development

Around 70% of our engagements follow this model.

Two Sprint Trial Model

Around 40% of our engagements start with this model and quickly get to the "Sprint based MVP development" model.

Expertise Augmentation

Around 20% of our engagements use this model

Skin in the game

Around 10% of our engagements use this model.

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