We completely understand, and unfortunately, we agree with you as well. Most organizations try to operate in a quick fly by night mode and hence get into a lot of issues. Knoldus was born out of the need to provide different kinds of consulting and services from India. Prior to starting Knoldus, the Knoldus team was working on the other side of the table with other vendors and saw a lot of issues. Knoldus was born to mitigate these issues and develop high-quality software at the right price. See our history and ideology. We invest deeply in our Knolders. There is a 100days immersion program that every individual goes through before they can get started on a product. This includes passing an exam on key technology benchmarks that define Knoldus. There are knowledge sessions every week and every Knolder is encouraged to contribute to open source, write blogs, author books and present at conferences.
In the globally distributed world, everyone is working in a different timezone. Knoldus has a presence in 4 geographies. US, Canada, Singapore, and India. You can be assured that your emails and slack messages would be answered by someone sooner than you expect. We have a very well defined communication model that we have perfected over the last 7 years with our Knolway that ensures the success of every engagement that we get into.
Knoldus has an in-house tool that checks the quality of every line of code that we write. CodeSquad has been released in public now as well. Each small piece of project functionality developed by Knoldus is covered by automated tests. In addition to low-level tests, we maintain a set of high-level "acceptance" tests verifying whether the product works properly. It is all automated in order to get fast feedback that everything works as expected after changes in the code. We will have an automated test simulating 'clicking' through your web application. Moreover, our developers review each other's code to achieve better internal design, avoid mistakes, and share knowledge.
    Our teams usually use:
  • Git - a flexible source control system
  • IntelliJ IDEA - the best Scala/Java development environment
  • TeamCity, Jenkins - for continuous integration and testing
  • Trello, Jira - agile project management tools
  • Confluence - an enterprise wiki for documentation and knowledge sharing
  • GitHub, Stash, Codebrag - tools for code reviews

and many others... The set of tools depends on the team. Self-organization of teams and years of (commercial) experience allows us to work efficiently, even in new fields. We often consult and advise our clients on the best-fit technology in their projects.

    We have cyber-insurance for more than 2M $. Our organizational model minimizes the occurrence of all kinds of risks associated with the process of software development:
  • Flat organization structure - all problems are solved jointly by the project team, not by the managers above, reducing communication overhead
  • Up-to-date IT equipment and tools - with secured access on several levels (e.g. two-factor authentication)
  • Remote organization - localized power or Internet connectivity failure will never affect the entire project team
  • Infrastructure in the Cloud - we use systems which perform regular back-ups and provide professional support
  • Implementation of projects using agile methodologies - applications are developed in short iterations, each culminating in a demonstration of tangible results given to the customer.
Knoldus provides experienced development teams (IT developers, quality analysts, designers, business analysts) to its clients in order to understand, design and, implement the clients' needs. Our engineers go through a rigorous selection process that involves writing code for complex situations and presenting that for review. They are fully equipped with experience and knowledge to solve every challenge by themselves. The people who will work on the project are exactly the ones that the client meets, and you can read about each of us on the team page.
We gather knowledge and experience both from inside the company and outside (e.g. conferences, meetups). We keep track of what we have learned on our common wiki and we regularly (every Friday) we conduct a knowledge sharing session that is shared in the public domain as well. Everyone at Knoldus has a hobby project of their own which they work on in their free time. Everyone contributes to an open source project or library. Most of us are active bloggers or community members - see our blog and meet the team pages. We have delivered so many presentations at various conferences both internal as well as external.


We usually set up a Slack or Skype chat for the team and client, so it is usually just a matter of asking about progress. There are daily standup calls with you and you would know what is done on each day and what, if anything, is blocking the progress. Your time investment in the standup process is mandatory or we would not take on the project. The client also has full access to our project management tools (or we use the client's tools). There, the client can check out the burndown chart on the iteration or project level. At least every two weeks we demonstrate to the client a working version of the product with more and more features implemented. You also have free access to the CodeSquad tool with which you would be able to track the quality of your code at any time. You would also be able to see the history of how the code is evolving over a period of time.
Absolutely. Just let us know and we will get you in touch with people who already trust Knoldus. You can also check out what our clients say about working with us.

Offering development from multiple locations - highly-skilled and motivated developers, with excellent English command, working from 4 geographies and just a slack message away 10x small, efficient team of experienced backend & frontend developers, able to shift focus in a very agile way.

Close cooperation with business and key technology makers- We are strategic partners with Lightbend (creators of Scala and the Reactive platform), Databricks (creators of Spark), Confluent (creators of Kafka) and Datastax (creators of Cassandra, GraphDB). This enables us to be and keep you at the forefront of emerging technology.

Trusted by innovative organizations, big and small.
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