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We love talking at, organizing, and attending all kinds of events for the reactive and functional programming community across the globe. We share our knowledge globally and we love it!

We believe in tech communities. As leading experts, we realize how important it is to share knowledge and exchange experience. That's why we actively launch initiatives, start meet-up groups, and speak at and organize conferences. This all contributes to the creation of a networking space where state-of-the-art software technologies are promoted and ideas are exchanged.

We are speakers who are eager to share

They say speech is silver, silence is golden, but we believe that sharing our experience at conferences stage is priceless!


Past Conferences

Microservices and Streaming Data Roadshow

Sept-Oct, 2019


Knoldus presented a session at Scala Matsuri, Tokyo 2019

27-29 June, 2019


Knoldus presented a session at Kafka Summit, London 2019

13-14 May 2019


Event Sessions

Kafka Summit 2019 - Seamless Guest Experience with Kafka Streams

Scala Night - Type System: The Beauty and the Beast

Reactive Summit - When monolithic system goes on a reactive cruise

We are very into open-source

One of the ways we try to provide value to the Community is by developing open source projects.


Knoldus Tech Hub

Knoldus Tech Hub is the repository of templates and a one-stop solution to all your development requirements. Kickstart your development with these ready-to-deploy templates.


Akka is a library for building reactive applications based on the actor model


Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework.


Apache Cassandra is a free and open-source, wide column store


DAML is an expressive programming language designed for financial institutions.


DevOps is a set of software development practices.


Elasticsearch is a search engine based on the Lucene library.



Connecting the Dots: Getting Maximum Value From Data
Companies are asking a lot of their data these days and treating it as a strategic asset. In this report, you’ll learn how to use event streaming to process, store, analyze and act on both historical and real-time data in one place.


Building the Financial Services Company of the Future
Financial services organizations are on the cutting edge of using data to transform the customer experience and position their organization for growth and operational excellence. Explore how most successful intuitions are driving decisions with key data points...


Building a Guided Analytics Forecasting Platform with KNIME
Maintaining inventory and ensuring that stock is consumed efficiently is a key decision that many companies - particularly those in retail - have to make. Explore how you can do it easily with KNIME Platform.

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