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Each day with Knoldus offers exciting opportunities to create a better and more connected world. We are leading the charge to solve technology’s toughest challenges. Working at Knoldus means working alongside the brightest people and fresh minds for the biggest, most innovative companies around the globe.

Our culture sets us apart as a community of passionate, bold, and creative people. Collaboration is deeply engrained in how we work with each other and our customers. We never stop learning, never stop exploring, and never stop pushing the limits of what’s possible. At Knoldus, we’re changing the future of technology.


Why Join Knoldus?

Continuous Learning

We believe that leadership exists at all levels and we work towards developing your technical skills, people skills, and strategic thinking.

Continuous Learning

Work-life Balance

While we greatly appreciate all the hard work you are putting in to take the organization towards desired business results, we also encourage you to have a good work-life balance.

Work-life Balance

Rewards and Recognition

Recognition has always been a cornerstone of our culture where appreciating, acknowledging, lauding and thanking are a part of our daily work life.

Rewards and Recognition

Fun at work

In addition to our project work, we take time off and engage in fun activities. Our recreational activities on the campus will help you take that much-needed break from work.

Fun at work

Life at Knoldus

Maximizing your Growth

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Code Combat Nights

Code Combat Nights have challenged the creative genius of our engineers, fostered collaboration and honed their entrepreneurship skills. Impactful developments have come from our Code Combats.

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KnolX or Meet-up

KnolX sessions happen every Friday where Knolders share their knowledge through insightful presentations. We believe that exchanging knowledge immensely improves the quality of work

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Build your blogging skills under Knoldus supportive environment which encourages knowledge sharing.

Creating an Impact

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Impact Stories at KnolMeet

We discuss Knoldus’ monthly performance, understand how each team is creating a lasting impact and the required employee-friendly alignments

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Social Impact - Corporate Social Responsibility

A strong sense of social responsibility is an integral part of our value system. We are committed to contributing to society and creating an impact.

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Knoldus Authors

Knolders are not just tech enthusiasts, they are authors too and have written books related to the latest technologies

Celebrating Life

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We focus on celebrating the festivals together with great enthusiasm, unity, and feeling of oneness!

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Beer Bash and Outings

We believe that Beauty is in the eye of Beer Holder. To make Knolders stress free, we do go for Beer Bash once in a month and find ways of unwinding with frequent outings.

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Sports Activities

Workplace sports is also a vital thing for Knoldus’ employees as it helps in building employee engagement and motivation.

Our Knolders say

Himanshu Gupta

Himanshu Gupta

Sr. Lead Consultant

Knoldus has given me unexpected exposure throughout my tenure. I have never worked with any organization like this before who is all ears to listen to their employees. There is nothing that I can say Knoldus has not given me. And I believe this is true with every Knolder.

Swantika Gupta

Swantika Gupta

Software Consultant

Knoldus gives me the opportunities to take complete ownership of handling clients and exposure to cutting-edge technologies including Apache Kafka and Spark.

Find out what makes Knoldus a great place to work.

Diversity at Knoldus

Diversity is deeply ingrained in our culture. We are present in 4 countries with employees speaking different languages and belonging to diverse cultures. Knoldus recognizes the unique skills of professionals, irrespective of gender, ethnicity or nationality.

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As the title suggest it is the place full of opportunities and if you have that ability to grasps them then this is the company for you. Friendly environment with full transparency. No workload Nice management.


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