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Enable Huawei to implement different functionalities and integration support with presto and hive in CarbonData


About CarbonData

Apache CarbonData is an indexed columnar data format for fast analytics on big data platform, e.g. Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, etc. Knoldus enable Huawei to work in collaboration with them to implement different functionalities or integration support with different technologies including presto and hive in CarbonData. The below diagram illustrates CarbonData file structure

The Challenge

Huawei wants to explore a domain where backend, frontend, and continuos integration ensure backward compatibility of the older versions when the newer versions will be rolled out on a frequent basis. Knoldus worked along with Huawei Team to help CarbonData in becoming an Apache-licensed project from an incubating project.

Our Solution


With the rapid development and concise code offered with Scala, Knoldus was able to get the system into production in 4 months. The alerts are routed to different buckets on the basis of rules defined and reach the consumers' mailbox in a matter of seconds as soon as the news is broken. The product is being heavily used as a part of the infrastructure.

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