Building Modern Applications with Scala Programming Language

Scala was designed specifically to express the most common programming patterns in a clear, elegant, concise, and type-safe manner. It is a perfect combination of object-oriented and functional language concepts with rich syntax and type systems.

Knoldus has been working on Scala, Akka, and Play since 2011. We love its support for functional programming and reactive architecture. We have built very exciting products with Scala and the frameworks which use Scala (Spark, Flink, Kafka).

Years of experience in the Scala programming language means we can support your business in any of your Scala-related projects. We support the end-to-end software development cycle and let you focus on the vision and business aspects of the product.

Build Scalable and Flexible Applications With Scala Ecosystem


We help businesses to leverage the advantage of Scala and have created an advanced system. We provide end-to-end scala web development services to make your application scalable, resilient, and highly user friendly.

Leverage our Scala proficiency to bring a pioneering end-product to the market

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Scala Consulting

With a thorough understanding of your requirements, our in-house Scala experts will guide you with the implementation of Scala solutions.

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High-Performing Systems

We create systems with the mix of Scala and Akka, harnessing multiple cores on a machine. We help you scale with modern software on digital transformation, event sourcing & data processing pipelines.

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Scala Application Re-Engineering

We help you enhance your business software with robust & modern features with the use of functional and OOP languages (Scala and Java 8).

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Product Development

Scala offers enormous flexibility and works well for modeling varied business domains by creating abstractions. We capitalize on the solid foundation of Scala & Akka to fuel important parts of business-critical applications.

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Distributed Systems

Scala works wonders in backend & distributed systems. Akka & Akka Streams frameworks, concurrency libraries like Monix and ZIO, and data processing systems like Kafka and Spark blend well with Scala to enable scalable, resilient, and performant applications.

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Scala Mobile Development

Scala becoming the preferred language of choice for mobile application development. Scala enjoys advantages over other JVM languages, such as JRuby or Groovy, because statically typed languages run faster, consume less memory, and generally are better optimized.

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PaaS Scala Development

If you’re planning to deliver your own cloud-based platform, you need to get everything right the first time. Leveraging the experience of our Scala developers will help you make the right decisions right out of the gate.

Knoldus is the only Lightbend premier partner with offshore Scala capabilities.


Knoldus is among the selected few Scala and Spark services companies worldwide to have the premier level of partnership to the Lightbend platform system integration. We have rich experience as a Reactive and scalable application and streaming fast data solutions.

Technologies we leverage:

Some of the popular application development frameworks and integration tools around Scala we use to develop your software


Clients for whom we built future ready products on Scala

Case Study

Explore how 3TL controls the high traffic spikes and facilitate communication in a non-blocking environment

Case Study

D&B handles almost 8x times the volume of alerts through rapid development and concise code offered with Scala.

Case Study

Explore how Service Source scaled their ecosystem with Scala and Akka

What’s new in Scala?

We share our insights about a variety of programming and software-development related subjects, not only Scala! Follow us on Linkedin or Twitter.

Scala blogs

Scala Blogs

Learn how to write scalable applications quickly with Scala



Introductory workshops in Scala where you can clarify your doubts and enhance your network.

Webinar/Knolx Sessions

Webinar/KnolX Sessions

Interactive sessions on Scala with a live demo

Start with Scala with our ready-to-deploy templates

Database Abstraction In Scala

This template is used to demonstrate how to implement abstraction for SQL database in Scala.

Collections in Scala

This template shows how to use various collections in Scala

Pattern Matching in Scala

This template will show you the different ways of doing patttern match in scala.

Working With Avro Schema

This template gives you the idea of creating the basic avro serialized objects.

Sbt Build To Bazel Build

The sample example to provide a multi-project SBT build conversion to BAZEL build

Scala-Mvn Starter Project

Template for basic maven-scala dependencies and plugins

Books we've published on Scala

Building Thought Leadership in Global Scala Events with our insights

Run your aggregation queries at a speed of 14x without spending $$$


Run your aggregation queries at a speed of 14x without spending $$$


Reactive Summit

When a monolithic system goes on a reactive cruise.


f(by) 2019

Simplifies Scala Monads and Transformation.


Scala Night

Type System: The Beauty and The Beast.


Functional Programming Certifications we’ve taken with Specialization in Scala

Functional Programming Certifications we’ve taken with Specialization in Scala

Functional Programming in Scala Specialization

Functional Programming Design in Scala

Functional Programming Certifications we’ve taken with Specialization in Scala

Lightbend Akka Streams for Scala - Professional

Lightbend Akka Cluster - Sharding (Scala)

Lightbend Akka for Scala - Professional

Lightbend Akka Cluster - Fundamentals (with Scala)

Lightbend Scala Language - Professional

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