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Build powerful reactive, concurrent, and distributed applications easily with Akka

Built on the principles of Reactive, the Akka Platform simplifies the delivery of complex distributed systems with self-healing, turbo-charged micro-services that dynamically scale (think millions of events per second!) to meet the demands of any workload.
Knoldus has been working on Scala, Akka, and Play since 2011. We love the support of functional programming and reactive architecture. We use the best technologies out there to solve our client’s problems. Scala and Akka, rooted in the JVM ecosystem, give us tools to write clean, scalable and fault-proof applications.

Leverage our Akka proficiency to build Cloud-Native Applications

High-Performing Systems

We create systems with the mix of Scala and Akka, harnessing multiple cores on a machine. We help you scale with modern software on digital transformation, event sourcing & data processing pipelines.

Akka Data Pipelines Expertise

With Akka Data Pipelines, we simplify the complexities of streaming data pipelines by providing a framework for reliably developing, deploying and managing this ‘always on’ architecture. Your team can focus on business critical decisions & providing unsurpassed customer experiences instead of worrying about the underlying framework.

Akka Serverless Expertise

With Akka serverless, we can quickly and easily transform your applications into cloud-native applications with your existing teams and the languages they know & love. Because Akka Serverless is stateful serverless architecture there’s no operational impact and the pay only for what you use structure makes it highly cost effective.

Distributed Systems

With the help of Akka Actors and Streams, we build your systems that scale up, using the resources of a server more efficiently, and out, using multiple servers.

Event Sourcing

Need the freedom to adapt systems to your business needs? Your applications require a detailed audit log? Or maybe traditional data storage approaches fail to scale with your data volume? Concurrent systems implemented with Akka Persistence and built on event-driven architecture achieve high performance with scale-out capabilities, keeping the business domain at the center at all times.

Consulting & Mentoring

We are a consulting partner of Lightbend, Confluent and Datastax. Our skills have been proven by numerous commercial projects. If you need functional programming consulting, code reviews and mentoring for Scala, Akka or Defining the architecture of a distributed, event-driven system - we are here to help.

Knoldus is the only Lightbend premier partner with offshore Akka capabilities.

Knoldus is among the selected few companies worldwide to have the premier level of partnership to the Lightbend platform system integration. We have rich experience in building Reactive and scalable applications, defining the architecture of a distributed, event-driven system and providing streaming fast data solutions.

Technologies we leverage:

Some of the popular application development frameworks and integration tools around Akka we use to develop your software

Clients for whom we built future ready products on Akka

What’s new in Akka?

We share our insights about a variety of programming and software-development related subjects, not only Akka! Follow us on Linkedin or Twitter.

Start with Akka with our ready-to-deploy templates

Slick With Akka Http
Using slick with akka http in order to persist data in mysql db
Akka Scheduler
Schedule kafka stream using Akka Scheduler for long period of
This template shows how we can use supervision strategy
Akka Stream Template
A basic template with easy to use kafka integration methods with akka-streams
Akka Sample Learning Code
This repo contains sample code that were used in workshop for Akka in Tech
Alpakka Cassandra Sample
This project is a sample for readinga and writing data into/from cassandra using alpakka connector.

Books we've published on Akka


Functional Programming Certifications we’ve taken with Specialization in Akka

Functional Programming Certifications we’ve taken with Specialization in Scala