Team Members

Ayush Tiwari, Trainee Software Consultant.

Ayush Tiwari

Ayush is a Trainee Software Consultant at Knoldus Software LLP. He had done B.Tech from Greater Noida Institute Of Technology, Greater Noida (AKTU).

He is fond of technologies and has specialisation in Hadoop as well possesses a good knowledge of many programming languages like C, Java and Scala. Hive Query Language, Pig Latin, HDFS, Flume and HBase adds to his forte. His eagerness to learn new and advanced concepts help him to become a crucial part of developer family. Knowing about database like MySQL add on to his knowledge base.

He has also developed his own several stand alone projects in Hadoop to attain perfection in the respective field.

Surfing social network, watching movies, playing football and travelling are his favourite pass time activities.

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