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Our people make us who we are. Awesome.

Knoldus combines tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver results. We (Knolders) are blend of seasoned experts, people centric problem-solvers and fast-track software innovators. We are an innovative engine who focused on creating quality coding to accomplish our customer's objectives, and inspired to help them make the most of every opportunity.

We stay on the leading edge of technology so our customers to benefit from our knowledge and resources. Not only is that embedded into the work we do, but we help train our client's in-house teams too.

Our Leadership Team

  • Knoldus Vikas Hazrati
  • Knoldus Bhavya Aggarwal
  • Knoldus Ram Indukuri
  • Knoldus Neeraj Chugh
  • Knoldus Erik Pragt
  • Knoldus Bob Seehra
  • Knoldus Ayush Mishra
  • Knoldus Sidharth Khattri
  • Knoldus Mayank Bairagi
  • Knoldus Himanshu Gupta
  • Knoldus Pranjut Gogoi
  • Knoldus Rishi Khandelwal
  • Knoldus Piyush Rana

The Epicenter of Happiness

At Knoldus we believe that everything needs certain amount of fun in it. The brains that are often engaged in cracking the codes and designing new products and solutions, get the required rest with the essence of fun activities.

You are welcome to come by and visit us at our office some time and you will immediately notice the difference.

Our Offices

Knoldus London


Knoldus Chicago


Knoldus Singapore


Knoldus Toronto


Knoldus India


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Want to work Together?

We're always looking for talent to join our team. Check out our job posts to see if there's an open position of interest.

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