Every CTO and software professional is concerned with code quality and so are we. It is our passion and the lifeline of our business. Our success is determined by our partner's successes. Code Quality is the foundation of that success!
Our Team takes precise and prescribed steps to create clean, crisp and quality code for our partners. Quality coding begins with an in-depth knowledge of the technology; continues with a high degree of professionalism, and ends with the desire to make every partner 100% satisfied.
We use a well-defined process called Knolway to produce high-quality software. Some of the essential ingredients of the process are :

Knoldus Core Practices

Pair Programming

Two heads are better than one, so we write code in pairs. Pair Programming provides a higher degree of quality assurance, encourages diversity of thought, and ultimately produces better software.

Test Driven Development

We leverage tests to ensure our coding behaves correctly. This increases the accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of our coding. This helps get your product to market on time and on budget.


We build software in short, one-week release cycles called iterations. This method provides built-in quality check-points, which allows our team to adopt the change requirements and continually improve the end product.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is the corner-stone of daily activities. Our diligent dedication to Continuous Integration results in immense confidence in the software we deliver to be robust and defect-free.

Customer Centric Communication

One of the keys to successful Agile development is open and consistent communication with our customers. This ensures our team stays on target with the customer's objectives, encourages customer involvement at every step, and builds a partnering relationship that focuses on mutual success.

All the products built at Knoldus undergo a daily quality check with a homegrown quality tool called "CodeSquad" which checks the quality of every product with every check-in. This is a combination of several tools that checks the pulse of every product so that there are no surprises.
We use a wide array of tools to make sure that the code that we write is of the desired quality.
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