History and Ideology

History and Ideology

It was late 2009 and for a few the frustration of working with outsourcing organizations based out of India, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and Poland was becoming a disappointing experience. More often than not, there were 3 recurring issues which came up again and again. They were

  • Quality of code
  • Efficiency of communication and
  • Level of commitment

The idea was that, if we are able to tackle these and provide niche solutions to the business community, then that would be a good place to be. We chose Functional Programming as our vehicle. After being with Java for almost 20 years, Functional Programming was a very appealing choice to build the next generation business products.

The significance of the name

Knol means a unit of knowledge and Dus comes from Druksh which in sanskrit means tree. Hence, Knoldus stands for tree of knowledge. It is an inspiration that we live with when we build products which deliver high quality business value and share our knowledge extensively via our blogs, conferences, meetups, books and code.

Why we exist

There are two primary motivations and we practice them everyday

  • Improving the engineering talent on a global scale - This does sound ambitious but we make sure that we improve the engineering level of any development engineer who works with us. Every engineer goes through a rigorous 4 month KIP (Knoldus Induction Program) in which they are not only groomed on the latest stack that we work on but also core engineering practices, principles and processes. Any engineer who joins us is guaranteed to have a jump in his career and his skills. We want our engineering talent to be outward focused and have strong opinions. This results in quite a few our engineers to start open source projects or contribute at committer level at a lot of open source projects. There are weekly KnolX sessions to share knowledge within Knoldus and across the industry.
  • Exponentially and objectively improving the ROI for our partners - Through our engineering practices, we make sure that any engineer who works on the product works in a consultant capacity where in he would not only be bringing the technical expertise but would embed into the domain at a level where they would help in business decisions. Every deliverable is objectively assessable and would add business value. Every sprint would put the product into production and every release would demonstrate achieved business value. This changes the paradigm in which outsourcing works to the advantage of every dollar spent. Every Knoldus assignment runs with the Knolway process which has been curated and optimised over the last decade to deliver very effective software development practice.
Awards and Recognition
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