We are successful when you as the CTO are successful

By working with many CTOs, CIOs, and Development Managers, we have identified their concerns when faced with outsourcing a project. We call them our "Four C's". We gear our business model around them for the benefit of our clients.We consider ourselves well suited for CTO challenges.

4 C's


Understand CTO's business, challenges & needs.

Understand partner's domain, their areas of improvement and how we can help.

Identify and Engage to bridge partner's needs.

Provide Professionalism and Competitive pricing.


Dedicated Teams with Senior Management.

Detailed credentials of team members.

Convey our core competencies.

Glasshouse development with total transparency to code and practices on daily basis.


Provide Quality Code, test code coverage > 90%, no defects, highly readability, maintainability and extendibility .

Provide Quality Talent with bloggers, open source contributors, authors and speakers.

Provide End to End, Cross Platform Solutions.

Provide professional Agile project management (Kanban, Scrum and XP).


Seamless ability to work remotely (ticketing, teleconferencing, tracking).

Good English skills - minimal language barriers.

Ample Daily access to Team.

Open and honest communication at all levels.

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