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Functional Programming . Reactive Applications . Fast Data . Business Solutions

Knoldus is a team of Passionate Technologists, focused on staying at the edge of the curve. We love to build Scalable, Performant, Concurrent systems with Functional Programming to meet the needs of the business. Our fast data solutions have won accolades in domains like Social media, Analytics, Finance, Healthcare, Gaming, Shipping and Travel. Our proactive thinking, led by the mission of Authority enables us to deliver Business Innovation & Acceleration to help you succeed.

Knoldus is honoured to get Huawei's Best Development Partner Award

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Experts In Reactive Products and Fast Data

We got on the Reactive Functional Programming bandwagon in late 2008 before it was fully accepted by the development community. We recognized the advantages and strengths of Reactive Functional programming and delivered one of the first enterprise implementations of Scala with the Alerting System at D&B. Since then, Knoldus has been on the forefront of Reactive and Fast Data development with strategic partnerships with Lightbend(Scala), Databricks (Spark), Confluent (Kafka) and Datastax (Cassandra)

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Knoldus | Knols.Commitment.Results | scala development services

Scrum & XP Evangelists and Practitioners

We are dedicated to rapidly delivery quality projects on time and under budget. We work in pairs; provide remarkable code coverage on tests; and integrate continuously. We provide weekly demonstrations to the stakeholders so that the product can adjust and adapt to the changing business dynamics. We believe in utmost transparency and glass house development.

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Build Software & Partnerships

With the same care we take to build software, we work hard to nurture partnerships with clients that are meaningful, respectful and productive. We listen closely to your needs and work hard to exceed your expectations.

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Knoldus | Knols.Commitment.Results  | scala development services

Thought Leaders & Teachers

We provide the development community with our insights and inspirations. We offer training and learning opportunities for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. We love to share our knowledge of Scala and Java.

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Why choose Knoldus for Scala

Knoldus | scala development
  • Passionate Team of Scala Developers

    We have one of the biggest team of Scala Developers in India, possibly the world. Our team is passionate about Scala and believes in writing clean code.

  • Technology Stack

    Because of our commitment towards Scala , we have evolved best practices and tools for application development. Our toolset is one of the most evolved for efficient software development. Look at the stack that we use.

  • Proven Results & Satisfied Partners

    We have delivered / deployed quite a few applications on Scala which are robust, scalable, extensible and are running successfully. Our partners have been highly satisfied with our understanding, knowledge, communication and delivery. Please refer to our testimonials and you would get an idea of what we mean.

Why choose Knoldus for Spark

Knoldus  | scala development | spark

Databricks Certified Spark Experts

Knoldus Data Science team includes data scientists, data engineers and IT professionals who've built multiple large-scale production analytical systems with streaming big data solutions like Spark and Storm. We have leveraged our experience from Architecture to Algorithms to build the data solution which works in the best interest of your business.

End to End Product

From planning through to production stages, we would include both data engineering and data science specialists with support from our architects. It is impossible to make good decisions without good data and impossible to get good data without good engineering.
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Proven Results

We have delivered and deployed 7 (and counting) complex solutions on Spark, which are robust, scalable, extensible and are running successfully. Our partners have been highly satisfied with our understanding, knowledge, communication and delivery. Please refer to our testimonials and you would get an idea of what we mean.

Why choose Knoldus for Java

Knoldus  | scala development
  • Over 20 years of experience on the Java stack

    Almost all Knoldus engineers have an experience of between 2 to 20 years on Java. Our experience with Scala and using functional paradigms in Scala equips us to leverage the best out of Java. With the introduction of lambdas in Java 8 the language supports a lot of the functional paradigms beautifully.

  • Best Practices

    Our Knolway process of software development which builds on Scrum, XP and Continuous Deployment coupled with high thrust on code quality lets us deliver very predicatble results for the product. Our leverage with the Scala functional paradigm allows us to construct Java software with the time tested functional paradigms thus leading to very high quality code.

  • Proven Results

    With Java we do NOT work in the legacy way. The code is immutable, has pure functions and no side effects. Our work on Java 8 has won accolades in the industry. See the testimonials for more details.

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Vancouver , Canada

San Francisco (CA) , USA

San Francisco (CA) , USA

Redwood City (CA) , USA

San Jose (CA) , USA

Minnesota (CA) , , USA

Boston , USA

New York , USA

Atlanta , USA

Miami , USA

Missouri , USA

Chicago , USA

USA Office

Toronto , Canada

Canada Office

Texas , USA





London , UK


Paris , France

Italy , Europe

New Delhi , India

Head Office & Development Office

San Mateo (CA) , USA

Bengaluru , India

Paris , France




Cape Town , South Africa

New South Wales , Australia

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