Our goal is to solve complex problems by collectively leveraging the wealth of Knols within the organization. We are always looking to hire the Right People.

What does it take to become a Knolder ?

Continuous Improvement

You believe in the principle of Kaizen. You improve everything daily. It would be your company, your team and yourself. You are passionate about technology and improve your geek factor each day.

Team Player

It is the team which wins. Sachin Tendulkar or Lionel Messi cannot win games alone.

Customer Focus

How the customers feel about our products and our teams is the true measure of our performance.

Speak Up

We respect opinions. You need to be vocal for every opportunity of improvement that you see, for every new technology direction that we should take, for any thing which would help take Knoldus to the next level.

Shared Vision

You are transparent in your thoughts and your work. We are nimble and do great things together.


Your cup should be empty. Always!

Knoldus Culture We provide a collaborative day-to-day environment where everyone's voice can be heard.


We're always looking for talented, passionate people. Browse our current listings to find the fit that's right for you.

We have a dynamic and energetic culture

Creativity & Innovation

Our teams not only follow the latest technology trends, but also influence the trends. We play around with cutting-edge technology that lead to great ideas and innovation.

We believe in diversity

Diversity is deeply engrained in our culture. We are present in 4 countries with employees speaking different languages and diverse cultures. Synechron recognizes the unique skills of professionals, irrespective of gender, ethnicity or nationality.

A fun work environment

We ensure good work life balance exists at all times. We have recreational activities in the campus, which match global standards. Our in-house facilities will help you get your mind into a lot of recreational and fun activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Strong sense of social responsibility is an integral part of our value system. We are committed to contributing to the society through our various initiatives and doing our bit for their betterment.

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  An aspiring master would have to pass through the career chain from apprentice to journeyman before he could be elected to become a master craftsman..  

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